I just want to tell you guys something that think Riot must obey you

You don't own Riot, Riot does not have to obey you, no matter how much 'nerf X champ' threads you do, Riot won't and don't have to notice them, Riot gives you a free 2 play game that has more balance as the most online games on the current internet, this game is in 0 % Pay 2 Win still you say 'Rito is takin all my money', you all complain about S and the droprate of keys like it would be something standard to get, BUT IT IS NOT, normaly you have to pay arround 10-20€ on a Skin, but here you can get it easy for FREE, still noboy is grateful for this great gift!, you all tread Riot like they would be the worst company on earth, but i think they do a great job and you all just can't play the game when you all do a ''NERF YASUO PLS, I PICK XERATH INTO MIDLANE AND CAN'T WIN LANE'' thread, stop bitching around{{champion:240}} and if you can't accept how the game works or getting balanced just uninstall ok, nobody wants to hear your rant about a specific champ that counters your main, and most of all, if it is not for unfair reasons, stop blaming Riot for your permaban, Riot owns your acc, an if You Script/Share/Flame/Hack or Troll on your acc it will get for sure permabanned and it is your fault, you all are like ''League community so cancerous'' but every community is cancerous, no matter from which game, because most humans on this world are as#holes, deal with it and just report them. Downvote me so much you wan't, no matter if this thread lands in oblivion or not, i won't change my mind, so be a positive community member or go away, seriously, only ppl that are just like you would upvote one of your ''Nerf pls threads'' and if you don't do this kind of title ''My thoughs on X balance and a suggestion how to fix it'' and a informative and constructive text inside the post instead of ''Seriously this champ is just retarded when is he/she going to be nerfed'' JUST DON'T DO THE THREAD AT ALL. Tl;dr : Deal with Riot or uninstall How i feel when going trough some threads of our fellow ''Rito does not know balance'' threads http://imgur.com/a/hJAmU http://imgur.com/a/Qwz2F excuse me now, i must prepare for the amount of hate i get
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