This is what is ruining League of Legends...

Riot really needs to get their player base under control or else League is just going to become another forgotten game that used to be good. I just started playing League and today was in fact the first time that I attempted ranked play, I did not believe my friends who said that ranked is a toxic wasteland where no one ever has fun, but now I see what they where talking about: from people flaming one another for the stupidest crap and ending up loosing because of it, to 1 guy intentionally feeding botlane because our ADC banned the champ he wanted to play, literally going 1/18/1 in a 16 minute match. In the space of about 5 and a half hours I've gone from loving League to legitimately considering not playing anymore, maybe I just take things to seriously, but I want to play ranked to see how good I am, not to see how long I can play before I lose every last ounce of sanity and every last reason to play. I am really wondering if it is worth it, there's other MOBA's out there, other games, tones that are just more enjoyable. I'll probably get over this and carry on playing, but in the interest of being productive, here are the problems that I believe could fix the game through being fixed: * I do believe that there should be an in game method for reporting things such as intentional feeding, verbal abuse and cheating. We are currently forced to sit through a game where these unpleasant people are ruining our experience, we cant leave because there's the possibility we may get banned for it, and the longer we sit, the angrier you get the higher the possibility of loosing it and flaming the flamer gets, making us just as guilty and again, liable of being banned for it. In real life, if someone if giving me a hard time, I can walk away or get hold of authorities to sort it out then and there, it should be the same in League. * The reporting system is not adequate, if someone flames me or intentionally feeds or goes afk, ticking a check box, typing a description and clicking submit does not satisfy my need for justice, the guy has ruined my game, I want to see him punished, and I'm not talking about that message that pops up in the client once in a blue moon, I want details so that I know that something is actually being done. * I also think that the punishments that are handed out are too lax, a couple-minute ban for loosing your connection and dropping out of champ select is fine, but the same few minute ban is given to people who intentionally leave champ select and that is crap. Few things tilt me more than sitting in queue for ages because every time a match is found someone leaves champ select. This goes for in game as well, I don't know anyone that's ever been punished for any of the things you can report for, I've even had games where I've gone complete savage and flamed and insulted everyone, given up and just had a seriously negative attitude and I know people have reported me, but I have never even had a warning. It needs to get stricter on the fields of justice. * I don't know what happened to the tribunal, I have heard of it, but since I started playing it has not existed and from my research there's no indication of it coming back, or where it went or anything. As far as I can tell, the tribunal was where these sorts of issues where resolved and dealt with. I do not know why you would get rid of it or whatever has happened to it, but it needs to come back. League of Legends needs a place where people can express their frustrations and have the sources for those frustrations dealt with accordingly. If Riot does not want to punish people, let the community do it themselves. Sooo, if someone from Riot actually reads this, I hope that you understand what I am saying and that maybe this inspires you or whatever to make some changes before this really awesome game that you have built dies a slow and toxic death, I just want to enjoy League, and I am sure I'm not the only one, please give us the platform to do so. * Sorry for the long post and ranting on. I apologize if this is under the wrong discussion and if I broke any of the etiquette rules. I was going to go into more detail on the player behavior I referred to above, but due to the Name & Shame rule, it did not seem like there was any point...

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