Perma ban suggestions

Hello my dear players, i’m writing this in the name of all the toxic players that have been perm banned on their account and actually reformed, my idea is that i know it might sound daft, but for Riot to unban most accounts that have been perma banned because of toxicity, however, for this to be done it would require the player writing an apologise letter explaining why they were flaming, how they’ve reformed and also what they’ll bring to the community if they get unbanned but also if the unban happens, the player has no rights to get rewards, chests, keys etc, and on the honor it would say something like -1 honor ‘unbanned player’ also they could only write on the chat saying ‘gg’ ‘gj’ ‘gl n hf’ and many more positive comments, also when loading to the game the player would have a red banner or something in which would say ‘i’ve been unbanned’ or ‘i’ve been permanently banned’ and lastly, person who can try to get unbanned need to have a minimum of a year ban on the account. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Furthermore, i think that this would be a good idea as it would attract more people to comeback to the game if they have had a previous perma ban and hsve fully reformed, and also it would benefit Riot and also the actual player, so everyone would be happy, and also in my opinion it would show that Riot gives more than one chance, and i’m aware of the other bans before the permanent ban but it would show that they want people to reform and become better people. Thank you for taking your time reading this, maybe we can try something with this. Have a great day :)
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