A Question about the honor System.

So I got turned down to honor 1 recently (I think 5 Days ago) and decided that i don't want to give up my season rewards for such a bs reason as a 10 game CR so i decided that I will grind my Honor back in the last 20 days of the Season to Honor 2 and decided to do the most frequent way to get Honor alot. I've decided to give up my real life and spam 10-30 Arams a day to get the most of honor as possible. After 3 days of 35 Arams where i only written positive in Chat i unlocked my honor (Heard of people taking weeks to do that) so I thought that I can definitly do it. At the moment i got I think 70-73 Games of only writting Gl & hf, gj, wp, nice, and gg wp (35 of them don't count because honor locked) so it's still 37 Games or so of Honor (some where i got 3 honors, some were none, some with 1-2 honors) and still don't got a Checkpoint in, I've read alot about Checkpoints given on Patch Days which scares me a bit because if it is like that than my hopes are 0 no matter how much games i grind. So my Question is can you get more than 1 Checkpoint in 1 Patch and if yes can you get them before the Patch Day?
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