Is saying "he said XXXX" in after game chat bannable? What

So I played a game, this premade smurfing (both 90%+ winrates in low games on lvl 32-33 accs) and I were not even toxic? Posting the chat logs to get someone to help me out and tell me what to do as i dont wanna risk my account getting banned, and I've literally got no clue what im doing wrong. > Game 1 > Pre-Game > Aldhindanrake: wtf > Aldhindanrake: this isnt even a little bit funny > Aldhindanrake: its boring af > Aldhindanrake: ˉˉˉKingKingˉˉˉ explain > Aldhindanrake: wtf > Aldhindanrake: its trash > Aldhindanrake: which clip? > Aldhindanrake: the football one? > Aldhindanrake: lol > In-Game > Aldhindanrake: hey are you pre mid top? > Aldhindanrake: i like what i see on opgg :) > Aldhindanrake: you dont need to leash if you dont want to btw > Aldhindanrake: bugger off > Aldhindanrake: tyty > Aldhindanrake: wp top > Aldhindanrake: :) > Aldhindanrake: smurf btw > Aldhindanrake: powerflaming > Aldhindanrake: cant gank pushed in lanes > Aldhindanrake: and as of all game all 3 are pushed in > Aldhindanrake: counter gank with 0 vision? > Aldhindanrake: cant do anything with it if youre all pushing > Aldhindanrake: but sure dude > Aldhindanrake: keep at it > Aldhindanrake: how u die to that gank you saw him 20s earlier > Aldhindanrake: gj > Aldhindanrake: ok cya muted > Aldhindanrake: 0-2 smurf flaming > Aldhindanrake: stfu > Aldhindanrake: clean gank > Aldhindanrake: wpo > Aldhindanrake: always the smurfs.... > Aldhindanrake: he spam ping assist and i should ignore? > Aldhindanrake: you 2 are talking against each other as premade > Aldhindanrake: wtf > Aldhindanrake: wp top > Aldhindanrake: nami > Aldhindanrake: go nami > Aldhindanrake: i hate people like you 2 so %%%%ing much > Aldhindanrake: goes on smurfs > Aldhindanrake: loses and flames > Aldhindanrake: never ever their fault > Aldhindanrake: why did u ult > Aldhindanrake: when i had mine up > Aldhindanrake: and he runs away? > Aldhindanrake: lol > Aldhindanrake: aha he just stays for the 5 sec ga animation? > Aldhindanrake: wp talon > Aldhindanrake: gjh > Aldhindanrake: report sol toxic all game > Aldhindanrake: whatever > Aldhindanrake: im done anyways > Aldhindanrake: im so useless > Aldhindanrake: getting zekes > Aldhindanrake: ignites your AAs > Aldhindanrake: boots+3force+high base > Aldhindanrake: you must be one happy premade talon > Aldhindanrake: flaming will get u the win > Aldhindanrake: i believe > Post-Game > Aldhindanrake: get a life sol > Aldhindanrake: you got +30 lmao > Aldhindanrake: :) > Aldhindanrake: i got +3 > Aldhindanrake: aha, opgg is slow > Aldhindanrake: btw why are you pre with sol? > Aldhindanrake: aha > Aldhindanrake: hes toxic af > Aldhindanrake: i considered throwin > Aldhindanrake: just because he flame > Aldhindanrake: aha > Aldhindanrake: its hard to ignore people > Aldhindanrake: when you know theyre better > Aldhindanrake: i wanna improve > Aldhindanrake: but he spam me with "APE %%%%%%" etc > Aldhindanrake: cuz i want to improve > Aldhindanrake: i listen when he said go top > Aldhindanrake: but then you pinged b and he said "DONT LISTEN"' > Aldhindanrake: and stuff > Aldhindanrake: oh well > Aldhindanrake: ah > Aldhindanrake: i were so close to just run it down > Aldhindanrake: make it a quick loss > Aldhindanrake: yeah xd > Aldhindanrake: every smurf is the same > Aldhindanrake: super big ego > Aldhindanrake: loses lane > Aldhindanrake: flames > Aldhindanrake: yeah gl i guess > Aldhindanrake: played with smurfs yesterday > Aldhindanrake: same story there one d4 or so > Aldhindanrake: one chall > Aldhindanrake: the chall one kept screaming racist slurs all game > Aldhindanrake: yeah > Aldhindanrake: but its so anoying > Aldhindanrake: knowing chall players lose lane vs plat/d5 > Aldhindanrake: and still its never their fault > Aldhindanrake: yeah he could have ran every time > Aldhindanrake: but he didnt look minimap > Aldhindanrake: yeah > Aldhindanrake: but he said every death was my fault > Aldhindanrake: for not counterganking > Aldhindanrake: they dont > Aldhindanrake: sure > Aldhindanrake: anyway > Aldhindanrake: gl in next game > Aldhindanrake: youre nice > Aldhindanrake: i like it >
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