Riot come on

I mean you are allowing people to troll/grief you don't do nothing to them , and you don't allow people to flame , this is just non sense... , i mean what those poor people do... , i am for making flame great again ,we ain't anyway have performance from players inside games , most of them grief/troll , is just simple .. , i think flame dosn't kill anyone , if troll/grief haven't kill anyone ,then why would flame be a problem... I know , i am right , i mean , i seen hundreds of people who can play and grief/troll ,so basically that means is legal and is allowed to troll/grief , so i want to make flame a little bit less punishable , so we can fix troll/grief throught flame ,believe me or not ,when people were use to flame , no one was even facing to get his head up from crying , to actually go and grief/troll , now everyone just grief/troll and no one is able to say anything , riot don't tell griefers/trollers anything , so at least leave your community to flame ,probably they get the message. Up vote if you really believe flame should be allowed . Up vote if you consider this game worth more much iq and players over 18 + who can handle someone to be toxic into chat ,without to upset and run to mommy , is my own opinnion , adults never upset on others toxicity right now , so i think you should allow flame to repair this game. I mean league of legends with 80% toxicity allowed ,and 20% forbbiden looks broken... , i think someone should repair it and make 100% toxicity so we can at least enjoy this and have fun ,making others to clean them eyes with the tears from too much confidence that they good at this game.
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