Real life fines

I belong to a small % of those people who really reformed themselfs from what kind of flamers they where,I know that normal people like every single one of us cant check if an account gets reports for flame or honors for 'tilt-proof'/'great shot calling' but Rioters can trully can.So am wondering if riot could do an update like: Once a person from a permantly banned account shows a 'new' face he could be able to pay with real life money and get his account back,of course this cant happend 150 times because it's obvious that a rich boy could flame 24/7 then and still play.But it would be a nice idea to have 1 or the most 2 times the chance to pay some money and play again with your main.I also want to add that in case this one goes on,the account would be in thin ice and any big unsportamanlike behavior could lead him to his ban.
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