Promotions in Flux Queue I'm bronze and matched with platinums unfair

So I decided to play some flux games as I had a few to go before I got placed for the season. My 1st game I'm vs a team of 5 who all play platinum my team was bronze / silver. We got lucky cause our support was afk and we remade the game. so I queue up and lol and behold I get placed in another game with the SAME %%%%ING 5 Man Platinum team. I'm just fed up I want to play a game with players of my same skill level not a %%%%ing 5 man platinum team who dive me in the jungle and stop me having fun. So I upped and left the game. I don't care if I get hit with a strike or so or a dodge ban etc. I do not want to play a game where I'm so unfairly skilled against its just not %%%%ing fun. I want to play games with people who are the same skill level. Riot fix your shit and stop putting players who are clearly of higher caliber into season promotion games into our low ranking games. It drives me more and more to finding a rope to hang myself with.
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