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So I got demoted to silver5 like 4th time this month. Game is UNPLAYABLE, trolls and afkers everywhere on top of people that are greedy and dive when they should not, supports flashing to get kills etc. This is not even related to skill, and its every time the same, I get to 60% - 65% win ratio and next day I get all totally brainless teammates, trolls, afkers and what not, and lose all games and drop to silver5 again, and its like that for a while now. Enemy team is somehow always playing decently enough, and I get some kind of most stupid trashes that are playing the game to lose. Last game - adc 0/6 in like first 10 minutes, top Sion refusing to group and help playing solo on top. Game before that - my support playing on mid instead of bot after diving and feeding enemy Cait without reason to do so, idk what they think that I can kill 2 people with just doran ring or something. Illaoi top farming, using teleport to get back to lane while enemy Phantenon roaming and killing everyone all over the map. Seriously this is not even related to skill or anything, I can play on silver2 level without problems, where playing against gold players on mid and was able to win from time to time. This playerbase is full of stupid people that don't even want to win a game, they just go in game and troll you till you start throwing things around the house from rage. Invasion of idiots on this game is simply amazing. I wont be playing more rankeds, simpy cause it has no sense whatsoever. Its not skill based its a raffle of who gets more normal players. Game earlier lee sin comes to gank mid, my ulti is on CD, I use my other spells but lee dies anyway, and you know what he blames me and goes afk for the rest of the game, not like there are all needed info on the GUI so he can see that I dont have ultimate and wait with the gank or gank other lane, but nah come and dive on enemy, fail and then go afk. This is the worst game ever, not a single game today without idiots screaming in all chat: REPORT REPORT. So sick and tired of this bullshit. Fix your game, start banning people or lowering their elo to the level they belong, cause this is beyond stupid atm. I could lose much less or even climb, but its impossible when there are trolls in 65% of games, and somehow it all comes in waves, 65% of idiots and trolls till my winrate drops to like 25% then few decent games with normal temas and then we get back on idiot spam again. I was silver 4 that 2 games with afk dropped me to 0 lp, next game with troll/feeding greedy support dropped me to silver 5 again. Every time I lose a game my MMR gets lower and then I get more epic brainless players, and again I will have to endure the pain of playing with idiots till my win rate drops, then will win few games and then we are back to idiots again. Start banning trolls and idiots or lower their MMR manually so they don't bother normal people. Every time some high elo smurf is leveling his new account some epic idiot gets boosted to MMR he should never see in his life and then I get that idiot in my game and he fails to do basic stuff. Also remove rift herald, in like 75% of games my junglers don't give a damn about it and enemy team always gets it, and then they instantly destroy 2 turrets. Again fail of my junglers, not even a ward there or anything, this thing is not even fun anymore. So around 5 games today were lost due to stupid trolls. Much fun. I guess I will start testing and learnig how to play some new champions in rankeds, since no one gives a damn to win anyway there is no need to try hard.
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