How do you want me to not-flame in a game like this ?

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What the %%%% does riot even think about adding a 4 tier chat-restriction wave with in the end a perm ban, its all about people saying "Noob" & such things as "ez" etc whjich get people banned, c.q. chat restrictions, honestly Riot is that how you want to make your money? get people banned that way, let them make new accounts (cause you know people are addicted to games) Make them pay for RP again, and do it all over just cause someone said " WTF are u guys doing idiots" this so butthurt community who cant have a little bit negative criticism is so fking underaged and childish as %%%%, Riot Grow up, people die every %%%%ing day cause of ISIS murders everywhere around the globe, it isnt the 50's anymore where people wear dresses to the church every sunday, where if you' d say "Sh1T" you 'd get punished, its 2017 stop crying about people have criticism and saying noob and flaming everynow and then. get your %%%%ing shit together and make a decent community. you wanna make a game like this and keep it up, you sure hell cant implement such a stupid ass bann system like that. and for all the haters saying "dont flame, and have some positivte critiscism, you know what :D , F-U-C-K. OFF. i dont give a fk bye.
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