FRAUD BEHAVIOR SYSTEM. can u like, waste 5 minutes and 10 seconds of your life and read it ?

tl;dr : _the new era of trolling isnt intentionally feeding. you can intentionally lose a game in many ways. you can bully a player without using chat. riot does not punish these behaviors!_ Generally riot punishes only 1)**flamers** and 2)**players who create negative enviroment** (these are 2 total different things. if you say "report X for wishing cancer to my family please" and some1 reports you for negative at that game, there goes a valid report towards you. do that a couple more times and u get suspended.) (They also punish afkers and ppl with scripts, ebays or elo boosted accounts.) more details about what behaviors riot doesnt punish below. check out those screenshots hiding in the wall of text i got you here. _wall of text inc. whoever has free time can CHECK IT OUT._ ok, so, if some1 is flaming you, you must not flame him back but mute him and then report him and he will get punished for that. **but what if some1 is trolling the shit out of you ? what can you do ?** you cant mute him. you cant troll him back because he already doesnt care about the game. the natural reaction that bursts out of you is to flame him. does he deserve it ? duh... yeah he does. (this is off-topic. i dont encourage flaming. just keep reading to the main subject) **what** riot says **you have to do** ? **accept the fact** that he intentionally lost your game for totally no reason, that you were unlucky for wasting 30 minutes and that you have to move on to the next game. ok thats what we have to do. now lets go on to **what riot does to them**. um...... TADAAAAA, nothing. i dont mean intentionally feeders. you know that is old school. the new era is i.e. going afk jungle. or when you are grouping at that 35' baron for a 5v5, he goes on the other side of map to farm, which ends up that opponents win a 4v5 fight, get a baron and end the game in the same minute while he is still bot farming as they take down nexus. dont get me wrong here. i am diamond player. in this elo, what i said above is completely true. games end just like that. have in mind that in lcs for example a game may be 50-50, then skt get a sneaky baron at 25 minuts and just by one baron they end the game with noone trolling. examples: about personal trolling ? or the **passive aggresive** thing ? when you play anivia mid and you ask for blue and he plays lee sin and he literally doesnt leave you a single blue buff in the whole game ? or when the jungler comes mid and kses all your wave and then leaves ? or when you ask for a gank, he says he comes, you engage, he waits for you to die 1v1, watching, and then he jumps in after you die to ks the opponent ? + when opponent is going to die from ignite with less than 50 hp but your jungler flashes in and smites him down ? or when your support picks annie builds full ap and starts last hitting and ksing all your farm and you end up in 20 minutes having 15 cs at adc ? or when that some1 picks nocturne jungle, literally stays afk farming in jungle, and literally using his ulty ONLY when it is guaranteed to kill steal with it and then get away to return in his jungle farming ? game ends at 25 minutes with him being 6/0, top 0/3/2 mid 0/4/1 and bot being combined 0/7/3. at least he has good kda, he doesnt care about the game because X didnt let him mid etc etc etc. **Why riot does nothing towards them ?** because this behavior is undetected from chat. why riot only punishes regarding chat ? because that free. they have their bots take care of that and they only see a very small percentage of the cases who are leading to permanent bans. same goes for afkers. system spots them. How can these guys get punished ? they have to earn a report for passive-aggersive, in every game they play, for over 70 games in a row, AND IF!!! how i know this ? check out these screenshots : (yeah, same goes on today, and for the last few weeks. over 70 games. riot's answer :"we're definitely looking into it" (source : this guy isnt getting banned. he keeps intentionally feeding in all of his ranked games for over a month now. (eventually he will get banned but im not talking about intentionally feeders. so read the below) now then, if **THIS** guy isnt getting banned, ** IMAGINE** WHAT happens to the guys that im talking about. you flame in one game ? you get immediately punished with 15 chat restricted games escalating. ( normal casual flame. irl threads and cancers wishes etc get u instant banned. im talking about, jungler ganks mid, dies, u flame "wtf u doing retard. dont come mid again mofo") some1 passively intentionally loses a game or passively trolls you ? nothing happens to him the 1st time. he keeps doing it in 10 ranked games in a row ? nothing happens to him. he keeps doing it in 70 ranked games in a row ? nothing happens to him. generally, you can passively intentionally lose any number of ranked games you wish without getting banned. you want to troll and tilt and make some1 flame you for whatever reason ? you can do it and nothing will ever happen to you. as i said. **look at that intentionally feeder as ONE example. now IMAGINE what you think happens to passive aggressive players who either intentionally lose a game either bully you untill your brain explodes off anger** (in the case you dont flame him in chat). i used to tilt and counter flame flamers. riot upgraded system and now they all get banned. so now i know they get justice and i dont bother talking to them. but this situation... why im supposed to accept the fact that i cant do nothing, and i have to stay idle letting them destroy our game and knowing they wont get punished ? at least let me flame them because it eases the pain.

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