did i deserve the perma ? i dont think what i said deserves perma Game 1 In-Game Tinywizzard: stop Tinywizzard: play safe Tinywizzard: pls Tinywizzard: leona Tinywizzard: leona omfg Tinywizzard: this lena Tinywizzard: report leona trolling Tinywizzard: u are fkin mid pusing the wave u see me go bot to help lucian ez double and then 0 help Tinywizzard: noob Tinywizzard: ez kill on bot wiht lucian and u went mid wtf Tinywizzard: report Tinywizzard: yes Tinywizzard: troll premade Tinywizzard: kata lol Tinywizzard: %%%% you~~ Tinywizzard: yeah u get fed every game right khzix Tinywizzard: u must be so pro without ganks Tinywizzard: lucian Tinywizzard: follow? Tinywizzard: we lose Tinywizzard: just surremnder Tinywizzard: not flaming u do Tinywizzard: why not we lose Tinywizzard: bad game queue another Tinywizzard: surredner Tinywizzard: just surrender Tinywizzard: this just bd game surrender queue another one Tinywizzard: afkand troll Tinywizzard: int is intencional Tinywizzard: see worst Tinywizzard: seen Tinywizzard: not trolling Tinywizzard: im plat katrn otp just ab dgame Tinywizzard: rep khazix full flame so toxic looksliek chernobyl Tinywizzard: dude w elsoe bad game buhuu Game 2 In-Game Tinywizzard: twitc Tinywizzard: u are jungle Tinywizzard: wit twitch~~ Tinywizzard: wiht 0 agnk Tinywizzard: uselss Tinywizzard: ffs twith gank Tinywizzard: u are twitch jungle u need to gank Tinywizzard: awfull league player Tinywizzard: so fed Tinywizzard: gg Tinywizzard: 0 ganks mi Tinywizzard: see what Tinywizzard: that khazix ganks and u dont Tinywizzard: u should gnk level 2 u noob Tinywizzard: u stupi Tinywizzard: all twitc junlrs Tinywizzard: gank level 2 Tinywizzard: so fed Tinywizzard: better jungler wins Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gg Tinywizzard: only morde is fed Tinywizzard: u get gold Tinywizzard: wo Tinywizzard: ty for feeding khzix Tinywizzard: now i just die Tinywizzard: fking iron junglers Tinywizzard: speak norma language not terrorist Tinywizzard: noob Tinywizzard: nice Tinywizzard: hes fed Tinywizzard: nice better jungler wins Tinywizzard: u cant play leagu go back to ur reich Tinywizzard: gg w rep twitch Tinywizzard: i am Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gg wp rep twitch Tinywizzard: trollling Tinywizzard: i didnt lose Tinywizzard: mid Tinywizzard: i won xerath Tinywizzard: u fed khazix and did 0 ganks Game 3 In-Game Tinywizzard: what? Tinywizzard: wow there buddy calm down Tinywizzard: ? Tinywizzard: kled dotn flash liek taht Tinywizzard: let them take skarner thn Q Tinywizzard: no u Tinywizzard: jungler playijng mastr yi Tinywizzard: doing nothing in this ame Tinywizzard: ffs noob use wards Tinywizzard: gj tresh Tinywizzard: omg Tinywizzard: report teemo Tinywizzard: adc shit Tinywizzard: yes Tinywizzard: he sucs Tinywizzard: real bad Tinywizzard: stop ffs Tinywizzard: take towers teemo and farm Tinywizzard: lol Tinywizzard: assasin Tinywizzard: ffs Tinywizzard: kled and tresh only good players Tinywizzard: o9mggggg zstop callig e Tinywizzard: not my fkin fault Tinywizzard: %%% off Tinywizzard: this team kled Tinywizzard: ok dude Tinywizzard: QQQQ Tinywizzard: ward ffs Tinywizzard: trash? Tinywizzard: teemo afk Tinywizzard: report teemo Tinywizzard: ggwp report teemo
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