Greetings communiny and riot. Please take your time and read this,its important for a change to this community dont walk away. First of all i want to ask about banning system,do you guys think it's the right thing putting away players forever by permanently banning them just for one game of tilt? think of it a little bit one game flame=ban for life. You banning old players just to gain new ones and you dont respect their time spent in your game,you think and you just telling to each of the banned players every time that you are checking the reform card but you actually putted a bot doing this job,and when someone asks the reason you just reply to this palyer back that anything and everything has gone negative/abusive etc. but you haven't even checked why that player got permanent ban on his account,and stop counting players psychology as a number,we are not numbers,we are human beings. You've putted a rioter replying to a permanently banned player worldwide but you reply to him based on the bot's word filter,you actually stopped being like season 3 with the old tribunal where the community could also vote the player's ban. So once you stopped being like season 3 then stop acting and pretending everything is fine in there,cause its actually not fine,have ever you rioters faced a troller trolling on purpose and then pretending that his trying to win? or a player that wants to tilt you and feed the game by purpose or by reaction? no you haven't got an experience from it thats the reason you've putted a bot. The message i want and what all community wants is the end to this madness,and this can start by unbanning all permanent accounts from now on to players,give them back their accounts so they can reform give them a chance so you can gain some respect that has been lost during season 5 with dynamic queue. You are also trying by force to make players from soloq/solo play to team play. SO the message is simple and this is what community wants,return all the perma banned accounts to all players so you can give them a chance to reform once you say you cant proove that someone is feeding then how you know that someone is flaming on purpose and since flame exists then put chat bans not perma bans,since perma ban exists then why you have the mute button? once again i want all the community to pass the message to riot's ears and eyes and brains. I dont want someone pretending everything is ok when its not,i dont want playing a game 8 years watching my accounts and also my friend's accounts getting perma banned,you are not the absolutes out there riot you will never change a tilt you are not psychologists you are not even playing the game. I want from everyone of you to just read and just understand that we are human beings not numbers,we shound't getting 4 stages of bans and then just perma banned in the last stage of ban system just because you tilt for one game,i want all of your help to agree to this and put an end to the perma ban madness in this game,make your posts and repost,upvote it do whatever you can,so we can change this. Riot was not the on top of the game lists,we made this a top list and we must be honest and not overdoing this with perma bans. The solve to this is the community's help and riots understanding to this,everyone deserves a chance to get back his account and reform,not just banning him permanently for one game of being tilted and then tilting him more riot by saying them "good luck in your next account" and when you ask them why,they just copypasta the BOTS blacklisted/filtered/banned words such a 3 letter thing like %%% even if i write this to my friend i will get banned from the bot and riot will reply to me with the first look that "they" were right and absolute about the ban without even reading anything. Please community understand this,give yourselves a chance,and also to the permanent banned players chance to reform.
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