10 chat restriction because of this.

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I got hard flamed and insulted by our top laner and mid laner occasionally flamed me too. I mean I should have just muted everyone and I did but the top laner spam ping on me so I unmute and talked back... then I got 10 game chat restriction of this.. And the problem is... the top laner did not get punished...and I swear to god his wordings are beyond hateful speech.. So is it because the team reported you, I will be automatically punished? Do you think this chat log deserve the ban?! Game 1 Ki: thanks ladies ki: reksai at red ki: care mid or top ki: i guess i coudl have sneaked it if you don't come ki: and if they notice i coudl have ran ki: :( ki: you saw him ki: can't help ki: lol ki: i mean if you don't die ki: i coudl have made it there ki: but you died ki: bottom ki: lel ki: well ki: greed ki: lel ki: ya, only jungler help you win lane is useful i see ki: yes zed no ult ki: you know, i can't stay there basically ki: i would die ki: well ki: didn't know jinx is there ki: and i don't know why would you blame me, for not diving earlier coz you can't kill him there ki: ok i mute you guys, you guys are crazy ki: they basically live in my both sides jungle ki: and got outnumbered Ki: and you just want to report ki: maybe do sth ki: as a team ki: then you won't be so useless ki: are you crzy ki: they were always outbumber ki: and in my jg ki: i had to run all the time ki: lel ki: always jungler's fault ki: not oging to jg ki: i sure afk farmed ki: that's why i got kills early ki: maybe you stop typing and insult ki: and play ki: and shut up ki: and move as a team if they in my jg ki: do you know why ki: because you deserve it ki: you start the blame game before we lost ki: you cry for report ki: without helping ki: and expect me help you ki: and cry for ff ki: that's what you get ki: you talk like i'm your enemy ki: you are the one got issue here ki: ya good for you ki: try once more ki: you want to play 4v5 anyway ki: cant' believe people harrassing ki: your teammate ki: if you wanna win ki: you don't flame ki: you don't wnat to win ki: i know ki: coz you flame ki: they won't care ki: they don't deserve ki: i don't care
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