The irony of banning NON-META SUPPORT

The more I read about this banning of Support Singed, the more I am disappointed in Riot. Are you going to issue a formal statement on this? Many youtubers, and clearly on these boards have voiced their distaste at Riot's response to banning this player. THIS, is in the context of Riot trying to encourage the support role. Riot when will you start realising, the support role in this game is garbage. No one wants to play it. The meta is so stale, there is no room for any innovation. That is why people prefer to queue for 10 minutes for ANY non-support role than to queue for 30 seconds for a support role. Yet despite all of this, this player managed to find an innovative strategy and GET TO PLATINUM! And your response Riot? To threaten to permaban him. At a time when you should be encouraging innovation in roles and being creative in improving the support role, you are shutting down dissenters and enforcing a ridiculously boring status quo. ** This is not good enough. I demand an answer from you. I don't think I am the only one.**
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