If Riot doesn't punish the players I just played with... seriously... wtf

I just played a game with my friend, she was Lux top and I was Aatrox jungle. We had a bot lane Yasuo and Tahm Kench, I started on blue side and I was about to take it, then Tahm Kench devoured me, threw me over the wall and Yasuo took the blue. They pretended like it was an accident, which is really hard to explain when someone throws you over the wall on purpose, and devours you on purpose at level 1. The game continued with Jax invading that blue side, took my whole jungle, so I was level 1, no farm, Jax was level 3, I went to red side, and wanted to farm, Jax got there and zoned me away. So I was already behind, had no gold, no items, down in levels, then Tahm Kench and Yasuo started spam pinging me until they couldn't ping anymore in that short amount of time, it was obviously the "enemies missing" ping, over and over again, saying "why are you so useless, 0 ganks, report aatrox", until the end of the game. They also started saying in all chat how I was trolling them on purpose, like, they literally were on a mission to make this game as unpleasant as possible, I felt like a target of bullying, tbh. I know I can mute the pings and all, but damn. Not to mention the wishing of cancer upon my family and all that stuff. Like, they weren't just flaming, it was noticable they planned it out and enjoyed doing what they were doing. We lost, obviously, I was useless after those first few minutes of the game, our lanes were losing anyway. But I am still shocked at how despicable some players can be. If that doesn't deserve a permanent ban, then idk. Having these kind of players around is what really makes people not wanna play seriously or play at all. I did report them both after the game, so did my friend, she saw the whole thing. And I do hope a serious punishment will be issued, this is %%%%ed up.

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