The real reason the penalty system is ineffective

So, I just played a game where I was support and our adc was intentionally feeding. Our jungler was doing great at camping top and kind of managed to shut down the other two lanes early on but bot had a huge problem because they had a twitch with a soraka which basically meant that failing to shut them down meant they'd win the rest of the lanes as well eventually. Which did happen. Our jungler didn't even bother trying to communicate with our lane because they probably thought it'd be a waste of time and effort and that it wouldn't help us win. Which I disagree with but, whatever. The main reason I'm creating this thread is because of our adc's logic. Apparently, our adc kept insisting that they were having mouse issues, when as a vayne she used Q inwards and kept suiciding (quite obviously on purpose). At the end game screen this is what our adc stated: _"that was not inting, I was trying to defend mysefl so they cant ban me :D"_ And later they also said:_ "report me, do it riot will do nothing like always" _ and later:_ ":D they cant ban for that and if yes, then they will have to ban 56165mil. players" _ So, this person clearly had fun wasting 9 people's time. And I ask you Riot. WHY is this acceptable?? How can clear trolls feel so safe while trolling? Unless this stops, this game is going to eventually die. There have been talks going around for ages but nothing seems to change. I don't get it. **FIX it.**
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