Why are people on the boards so hypocritical? Especially in the PB boards. Genuine question.

People seem to think it's okay for them to mock, bash, laugh, even flame and curse punished players on the boards. They'll talk down and act condescending towards them. They don't realise that they are guilty of behaving and having the same sort of attitude that the players that were punished in game have. It's so hypocritical how they think it's acceptable for them to do this just because they're on the boards and not in game. The irony in all of this is that if you were to browse the Player Behaviour threads you are most likely to find the same players over and over again taking pleasure in kicking the punished players while they're down. I dunno, it's like they get off by doing so. Pretty sad if you ask me. Again and again they will reply to the threads just to laugh, mock and showcase their dominance over the "toxic" players... when in reality they are just as bad (if not worse) than them. They don't realise that if they spoke the same way in game as they do on the boards, basically laughing and gloating at the punished players while displaying such condescending attitudes, they would be deemed toxic and banned from the game. Funnily enough I had a player once tell me he was not toxic because he only acts like this on the boards and not in game. The delusion is mind baffling. And while he might have been the only one that I've stumbled across that openly said something as absurd as that, the sad truth is that many of these so called "white knights" probably don't realise how toxic they actually are purely because they believe that they supposedly act like angels in game. It's like they come on the boards to show off or stroke their ego. **What I am also annoyed about is that there doesn't seem to be a Rioter or a Volunteer trying to stop all of this.** **How is this acceptable? Seriously, go through the PB threads and you will find many players laughing at the punished player. How is that any different than laughing at a "feeder" or a bad player in game? ** **You are just as toxic as the players you despise so much. Please understand this and change your attitude, thank you.** ######Disclaimer: I've never been banned, it's not like I'm salty about being disrespected myself. It just makes me sick to witness all of this.

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