what role can i climb on

so in my placements out of the 10 games in 4 of those i had an inting teammate so i got placed in low elo now i'm bronze 1 trying to get back up but as my match history may show for anyone interested i just can't seem to win games. and when i do win games it is often because i 1v9 do everything on my team. ive tried top lane but that has had the least success for me because top lane just doesn't have an impact on the game with the champs i play ive tried jungle but i'm constantly in the pressure of having to be at 4 places at a time because my team always is fighting and they have no idea how to back off even when i ping it 500 times. ive tried adc with a lot of success but i have having to play botlane to avoid getting bad teammates. and i don't play mid at all so i have no idea what to do. i'm not trying to be one of those players to shove the blame on teammates all the time but i actually have lost an unspeakable amount of games because of afk's teammates inting because they get tilted or just teammates that are having a very bad day. so now i'm looking for suggestions on champions and roles that i can use to solo carry 1v9 games. ive noticed that as kha zix jungle ive been doing pretty well and i managed to steal multiple objectives when my team was behind. and in general i seem to have a lot of control when i play kha zix so he's my best option so far let me know if i can get something better.
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