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Soo.. I was just in a game as Kindred Jung. Farm going well, pretty peaceful. During champ select, team speaks french. Think nothing of it as I assume that they will speak english during the game. Gets to the game, our Riven is first blood to their Hecarim. Minor downer, fairly simple. A few minutes later, this Riven dies again. I say "Play safer please Riven". Next thing a few minutes later, Riven dies again. But our mid Syndra asks me to gank, but I'm only level 5 at this point. I say okay, I go to top and we battle Hecarim but Riven does a turret dive, dies and then I get killed by Hecarim (Who was more powerful than me anyway). First thing Riven says to me in chat is "Can you explain that?". After I say "You fed him twice before I ganked and then you turret dived" the next statement was a long sentence in french which I obviously did not understand though I imagine it was something slanderous. Essentially, Riven kept feeding the Hecarim because I had no chance of getting farm if I just kept staying at top lane and the other players were just talking french and not helping top at all, just asking me to sort it out. Late game, Riven has fed incredibly and this led to Hecarim ganking bot and then bot got fed. A bad game generally. And of course, this really infuriated me because I tried to save the game by keeping up farm but the team I had were just REFUSING to talk english for the whole game and ofc I gave sarcastic comments throughout the game such as "Riven is carrying hard" just to remove the tediousness of the game. I try to surrender because the game is beyond hope but the team in french give "NONNNNNNNNNNNNNN" comments and the like. So, I had to keep playing and I just really lost the motivation. I probably flamed during the game, I cannot recall but the team we're giving me the comments like "Kindred feed Heca" or "Kindred 0/6" etc. Am I seriously meant to just sit, and accept that I have wasted 40 minutes of my time in a game that could have gone well just because I had a team that were refusing to speak english and we're just trolling the shit out of me? {{champion:92}} {{champion:120}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}

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