Nice job riot

Ok so pretty much what happened was, I was playing a ranked game mid Vladimir vs Zed. Lane was going pretty smoothly looking at the fact that I don't play Vlad that much. I was roughly 3-5 cs ahead and was doing pretty good. Then top lane Lee Sin roamed mid after killing top and burned my flash. I was like "okay well that sucks but i'll be back in the game". for the next TWENTY MINUTES i got pushed in and camped by both enemy top Lee Sin and Warwick while my jungle Olaf, every time he was asked "can you gank?" responded with a "no". There was even one point where i was getting dove after using my Sanguine Pool (W) by Warwick and Zed and Olaf was taking scuttle instead of helping me out. Then he proceeded to flame me about how i'm 0/11 after getting dove non stop by 2-3 people and my team joined in with him so it was 4 people (maybe except Lucian) that were flaming ME for OLAF never coming mid vs WW. After the game i queue up and hope that I won't get the same guy again but i get a message that i have been perma banned. Really riot? I get trolled but you ban ME as well? so i just wasted ~25 minutes getting trolled by my jungler AND lost an account on which i spent ~900 dollars. Really amazing job on your punishment system
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