Does League of Legends become more fun after you get to the higher ranks?

I don't know how it is in higher ranks are ,but the lower ranks are pretty much stage four cancer. I'm not claiming to deserve to be high ranked (because I really don't) ,but the game keeps getting more and more unplayable due the community. I was in a game playing a support once with this {{champion:21}} ,and I took one kill ,and this {{champion:21}} decided throw the game. I would like to tell that this isn't common ,but I would be lying if I did. It doesn't really help with the fact that League is getting stale ,and boring for me. I can't really take League seriously anymore due the amount of %%%%%%ed children who %%%%ing waste your time ,it worst of all Riot doesn't really do anything about it. Riot are treating League ,like Valve treats CSGO. It's really a shame LoL has a lot of potential to be a great game that I could sink more hours into.
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