Got 14-day suspension. This is why :)

Played ARAM, 2 of my teammates (Mundo, Lulu) started to trolling (keep randomly cast spells and summs etc). I said (Camille) that i will do the same and good luck. Here comes the hate. All in screenshot below, all nicknames censored so it doesnt brake forum rules. One of them wrote to me %%% irl, called me nigg&r, 12 yo cancer, the other one suggested that my father beats me. I said to them that i'll report, make screens and send to riot. They flamed me after that for like 10 minutes i didnt response nothing then he asked 'why so silent f*cking dummy?' I said cuz i wont response to kids. Thats all i did and got banned. I quoted %%% and that was mistake cuz im sure that system discover '%%%' and insta banned me :) They called me cancer and told me to kill myself in real life, how would u describe ppl who do that? Immature or very yuoung person = kid. calling some kid = calling someone cancer and wish death Last line: "mental issues", Mundo said by himself few minutes earlier that "i have mental issues irl, sometimes i get mad, sorry riot". I wanted to say that mental issues as he said But Nexus was already destroyed and have no time to add this. So it doesn't matter. It hurts me af. Game 1 Doktor Kejen: ok i will play like u :) Doktor Kejen: mundo Doktor Kejen: gl Doktor Kejen: reported, print screened Doktor Kejen: and will send ticket to riot Doktor Kejen: for wishing me death Doktor Kejen: enjoy ban Doktor Kejen: cuz i wont response to kids Doktor Kejen: which will get banned anyway Doktor Kejen: :) they are flaming me since 5 min, writing to me %%%, get cancer etc. i told them that i will make screenshots Doktor Kejen: and send ticket to riot, so enjoy the ban Doktor Kejen: and this is kids revenge Doktor Kejen: i have screen shots xD Doktor Kejen: whatever '%%%' is instaban Doktor Kejen: so bb Doktor Kejen: wp Doktor Kejen: xD Doktor Kejen: ??? Doktor Kejen: go to school plz Doktor Kejen: ok muted Doktor Kejen: cuz we can win this Doktor Kejen: and u r keeping distracting me Doktor Kejen: jax afk? Doktor Kejen: gg wp Doktor Kejen: mental issues
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