So we had this eloboosted Vayne in our game (she admitted it and also said that she was trolling). Here are my chat logs: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ why would u randomly q zzzzzzzz well i guess i don't win those promos do I ... yeah u just troll its k i had quite a big winning streak of course I get matched with trolls now its how this ladder system works i mean u have never laned again as adc i can tell straight from ebay well lets ennd this fast then i don't troll our adc is boosted no way we win this I'm just saving time no u had support but u just afk in lane never even auto attack them when u pick vayne u cant expect ur support to carry u either u suck and u lose lane or u actually win it is that who boosted u? cool gragas are u duo with him ? do we report u too? yeah vayne just don't cares thats why she picks shitty champ she cant even play nice attitude for ranked i mean I said vayne is eloboosted and then she admitted how did I flame? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, obviously, the only thing I said is that she was boosted (to which she responded somthing like "yeah I'm boosted and I don't even play vayne haha"). I still tried to win the game by helping the other lanes, but apparently her group was too salty that we lost and massively reported me. I receive the suspension 10 minutes after the game.. Obviously nobody looked into the game and it was just an automated ban by a bot. So, why would I even play with this account again when it gets unbanned? Why not just sell it to that Vayne, right?.... Will I get a reward for that? What's the reward for people who buy accounts or eloboosting? Do you guys give them bonus RP ? I mean it kinda makes sense right? If he has money for an eloboost, he certainly has money for RP.. Why ban such a loyal customer?...

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