Ranked is dogshit right now

Ranked is ridiculous. With the addition of iron and grandmaster placebo has been taking place and people think they're better than what they really are. Plat is the new gold and Diamond is the new plat. I get trolls almost every single game. And you know, not even talking about people feeding or stuff.Sometimes people have a bad day, that's okay. I mean full on people going in denial, spamming ff every 2 minutes, not even trying to win. I had a jungler call ggwp at 3.30 minutes into the game. I had another jungler rage quit after i farmed the ENEMY'S GROMP, not even his camp, but the enemy's!! My mid and bot will alternate between who's having a mental breakdown. Everyone will flame each other like it's the depths of hell. One day, not very long ago, I got 4 different players afk across 4 different games, in a row. How can you explain this riot? XD How am I suppose to keep my cool when I go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME I PLAY RANKED. Like. Not everyone can grind out 20 games a day. I get home from work or uni, I'm tired, I wanna try-hard and win some games in the little time I have and so every game in which I get a troll and that is out of my control is just insane and very hard to deal with on every single %%%%ing kind of level. I CAN NOT BUST OUT 20 GAMES OF LEAGUE A DAY. Therefore, every game matters to me. So, every game I get a troll that's determined to ruin my game because his game got ruined by another troll, that's really really really difficult to deal with. Here I am. Broken down. I did my best. I really tried. Grinded out 500 games this season. Finally hit diamond. I'm happy. I'm not perfect, I have my bad days, it's true I have flamed, but I've improved. This ranked season I've flamed much less than in my other ranked seasons because I've learned to keep my calm better, in order to improve and climb higher. I managed to climb higher because of that, because I learnt to keep my cool. IRONICALLY, I get permabanned due to flame or abusive behaviour or whatever? It's insane. YOU'RE BANNING THE WRONG PEOPLE. Ban the people who rage quit every 4 out of 10 games, not the people who get frustrated at them! OFC they'll get frustrated at the rage quitters! It's something out of their control and literally the definition of an "unhealthy game mechanic". Ban the people who will go 1/11 and will go keep running it down. I've had junglers and supports literally just run down one lane and stand still until dying, then run down a diff lane and do the same, stopping after 3 or 4 times to not raise suspicion so the system thinks it wasn't intentional. INSANE Ofc I'll comment toward those players. Now I get permabanned. Trying to talk some sense into these people gets me permabanned? First I got the 14 day ban, the games that were quoted for it were games in which i was defending myself from teammates abuse, commenting on why certain enemy actions were mistakes and how they could've done better or just lashing out at the aforementioned trolls that int and go afk. Then this time, I got banned right after my last ranked. And I know for a fact it wasn't even reviewed by a human because had a human redden it he would've realized no one flamed anyone in one of the quoted games. It was literally just people asking questions and people giving answers. But yeah, right.. Man I genuinely don't know what to say. Ranked is a joke. Riot is a joke. Fix your report system! Fix ranked! I don't know what to say and how to say it and where to start and what to go off. I did what I could for a whole 500 games. I give up. Good bye riot. You don't deserve the player base you have atm. Maybe you did in the past. But not anymore. Money-hungry corrupt greedy company who doesn't care about game balance or how healthy the game is to play or whether it's fun or not. Literally all you do is try to get more money from players with these stupid game passes and with the introduction of TFT and a TFT pass and then making skins and buffing the champs for those skins, one prime example being Riven. The other 23 skins she had wasn't enough?? She definitely needed another one, huh? xD We're not stupid, no one is. I played the game because I've been attached to it for like at least 6 years now. But you know, that permabann was the last kick in the balls. I am, was*, a dedicated ranked player, so I know how all the other many people are feeling about their ranked frustration. I urge you guys to just do /mute all and never never never fail to abide by that rule or genuinely just quit the game for good and find something better to do. Genuinely speaking, with the state ranked is this season. I recommend the people who are FULLY committed to playing ranked, DON'T %%%%ING PLAY RANKED. IT'S DOGSHIT ATM This game has gone down-hill.. damn Sorry for the long ramble. Quit league, it's not healthy for you. Bye
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