Trolls and int feeders becoming more and more common

Dear RioT, It's the second time already that in 2 days i got players in my team who decide to troll because of "slight" such as cleaning lane while they are dead, and ganking them (yes, i was trolled because i ganked one lane, forced the opponent flash, the other jungler arrived and killed my laner...and the laner blamed on me for whatever reason was passing through his deluded mind). Since i play ranked (practically since i'm level 30) this never happened to me with this frequency. Clearly these guys are counting on the fact that if they go AFK farm they technically force their team to play 4 vs 5, while still being safe that they can't be detected as trolls, leavers or inters because they are still moving, getting farm, buying items and so on. If you can't do something to give these f@@kers what they deserve (because you can't risk non-troll to be punished erroneously because of bad games), at least you ought to make the game more snowbally and fast, so that, in the case one is so unlucky to get one of these idiots, at least the game is faster and the damage mitigated. None want to play 4 vs 5 for 45 minutes because they got a teammate that should be hospitalized but unlucky is not yet. Please do something, this is getting increasingly annoying.
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