Full of people intentionally ruining the game experience for others.

I am just a normal person that has time to play maybe 10 games a week just because I like the game alot and love to have fun with it. And last week/weeks my complete gaming experience with this game has been intentionally ruined by players and it got me to the point where I find it needed to post it on a forum (how sad is that). I am not the first nor the 10th and not even the 1000th person to complain about the toxicity and the failure of the banning system, or maybe failure of the account/smurf system because most of the people I am reporting tell me they dont care getting banned cause they have 12 accounts anyways. All I want is to play a game without someone going afk after 1/2 deaths. Someone starting to troll after around 3-5 min in-game or someone that is intentionally making the team lose the game because they dont like the way the game is progressing at that moment. Last week I have played around 10-15 games. And in maybe 1-2 of them I had fun. Not because I won or lost the round, but because in the other 12-13 games there was either someone of My team trolling/inting or afk or someone on the enemy team doing that. They also make it impossible for u to surrender after 15min because that is part of the trolling game. Wasting other peoples time by clicking 'No' and then start trolling again. Then when I decide I have better things to do then to keep waiting 30-40 min untill the game finally ends and I go do some cooking/laundry, then I am the badguy and make it possible for other people to report me for going afk.... In the meantime I have seen people get away with; - play a good game, keeping up with farm and lanes. But every time a teamfight start they recall/walk away letting the team die. Just because they didnt like how the first gank on his/her lane played out. - someone getting random assigned to a role in champion pick and wasnt able to get his prefered role. So he/she decides to be cool untill the game starts. Pretend to play for 2-3min. Then go afk cause nahhh dont wanna play this role. - People that troll and go do 'nothing' for whole game. But saying, 'u cant report me for afk cause im not afk, I am moving.' While doing nothing else then running around circles in jungle/lanes and refusing to assist in any teamplay. I know most of these things are bannable. But also no one cares to report as long as it is happening on the enemy team. I have no problems with people playing the way they want. But in this game it is WAY to easy to intentionally ruin other peoples games and still get away with it because they are not doing anything 'against the rules'. I really feel sad that a game I like to play so much is getting intentionally ruined by others, and its to easy to get away with it. All I am asking is for some way to make this game more fun for normal people that have time to play 2-3 games a day without spending 50-80% of the time watching at a screen where someone else is intentionally trying to ruin the whole experience for u. I know this post is probably not gonna make ANY difference but hey well, I got it out of my system at least.
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