Do not tell supports what to play

This is seriously some of the most tilting things u can do to me, no matter if i support or if i witness it from another lane. Supports already sacrificed their steady climbing potential, made themselves vulnerable to your ability to capitalize off of their plays instead of being self sufficient, they picked the least liked role to make games even happen and people dont appreciate them at all and value their own picks so much higher. There is not another role that get's told what to play as much as supports. Adc's expect them to adjust their picks to fit with the adc, top or mid pick away your support main without thinking twice, the team want's u to complete the teamcomp usually by telling you to tank. On the other hand, if you tell them back, they think you are crazy or suspect you are trolling. People wait 20 minutes in que for those rare as diamond supports and still treat them like their personal slaves. This is not blind or draft pick, the person supporting decided to do it, so they have their main picks and their playstyle and are not people that you can tell to do anything because they suck at everything anyway. Just stop it.

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