Smurf banned for this? Do Riot have issues with banning the right poeple?

Litterly got 14 days bann from Riot because of this chat: Game 1 zakurasxd: starting bot zakurasxd: starting blue zakurasxd: lets see which on our team that are going to feed, the odds are always against me zakurasxd: so bot and top zakurasxd: you barely have mana zakurasxd: you are atm suiciding zakurasxd: you should go back zakurasxd: you should go back zakurasxd: thats what i call intin zakurasxd: i dont, because its so easy to avoid zakurasxd: i dont zakurasxd: next time liussen to me malz zakurasxd: muted zakurasxd: so you complained about inters in your game, you are in my opinion the inter zakurasxd: 4/0 botlane zakurasxd: i cant be all over the map zakurasxd: you like to think i can be top/mid and bot at the same time but i cant zakurasxd: everyoine can have a bad game but you dont zakurasxd: muting you trist zakurasxd: you are musted btw so wont recieve message but you can see this. So basicly if you play against the comb you will have a bad ga zakurasxd: its hard when they are FEEEEEEEEEED zakurasxd: i got 3 players i have to get pass and THEY ALL ARE FEEEEEEEEEEEED zakurasxd: CAN YOU GUSY STOP FEEDING zakurasxd: next time you guys are doing something that stupid im going afk. So STEP up please zakurasxd: thats a motivation speech zakurasxd: im done report tristana for intentional feeding please zakurasxd: you are litterly feeding tristana and you wonder why you have feeders on team zakurasxd: im not flaming, what im doing is telling you guys to stop feeding zakurasxd: what im trying to do is winning this game, but having people who are intentional feeding makes it hard you know zakurasxd: LOOOK Game 2 zakurasxd: moa zakurasxd: smurf ^^ but average 4x trolls/feeders on team zakurasxd: last 5 games zakurasxd: we will see zakurasxd: watch MAP please zakurasxd: shaco was on scarab zakurasxd: you cant play that forward vs shaco zakurasxd: are you stupid zakurasxd: from where i can gank under there turret zakurasxd: tank is the only way to go zakurasxd: if you see assasin they are %%%%%%s zakurasxd: why ? zakurasxd: you need peel zakurasxd: can poeple do something on the map ? :) zakurasxd: i saw thatt 3x players was killing herald zakurasxd: i ganked mid 3 times zakurasxd: haha zakurasxd: blame me haha ok zakurasxd: muting all zakurasxd: cant steal it zakurasxd: what are youi doing bot cassi zakurasxd: they are 3x inc zakurasxd: you need to RUN zakurasxd: DONT FIGHT zakurasxd: thank you zakurasxd: for lissening to me zakurasxd: thank you zakurasxd: what did i just write ? zakurasxd: dont ? zakurasxd: baron gone zakurasxd: i need to 1v4 and you cant kill shaco zakurasxd: i played vs orianna/blitz/camille zakurasxd: so surrender or step up zakurasxd: or do as mundo run it down mid zakurasxd: so xaya/mundo/rakan/cassi is trolling good to know so it will be 15+4 19x trolls in 6 games zakurasxd: report all 4 of my team for trolling Game 3 zakurasxd: muting everyone and just playing this game as it role, if you choose to feed, feed not my problem zakurasxd: lets surrender zakurasxd: trying, botlane is feeding zakurasxd: 2x diamond accounts so who cares zakurasxd: haha bamburaser -west thuned - west zakurasxd: i was out zakurasxd: dont feed like that zakurasxd: they are using all sums etc on me and still losing fights zakurasxd: can you stop suiciding zakurasxd: trist rather farm zakurasxd: so was I, still got nearly to drake Those 3 games i have 4x feeders/trolls in each, im asking polite to stop feeding and lissening. THey keep spampinging me for ganks and to steal drakes because they have no clue what they are doing, is this right thing to do? Give me your opinion, because im getting tired of trolls/feeders in my team. This was a smurf account btw!
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