I don't feel that my account its secure anymore on Riot Games hands

Hello peps Its Kamezuk from EUW. I have been playing this "~~toxic simulator~~" game since pre-season 2k13. Back then I didn't use to find this game toxic and unhealthy, but now holly sh*t , I can't even play an ARAM game that will have people tilting me and being toxic towards me. I always have been a "clean" player, never got any type of ban or chat restriction and I have the max honor level since June 2k18, but that doesn’t give me any comfort. What do I mean? Well in between season 4 to season 6 I went full ham on skins and invested around 1,2k € just in skins/cosmetics in league. (IKR its nuts but I was addicted). I am more controlled now, but I feel worried about my account and skins… I feel like Riot doesn’t care if I have Honor 5 or some clean historic. If I snap in one game (Yes! That sh*t can happen, imagine you just had the sh*tiest day on your life, you will get home and play one game to “chill” and forget that day, but you have a trolling Malphite inting on your lane. My dudes I swear that he is going to hear some “sh*t” and I am being honest here.) What will happen? I will get banned right away! And my account? What about the money that I invested on this game? Where is my money back? You see what I am talking about… Call me paranoid but I feel that Riot have so much power in our accounts that’s its unbearable. I should have any type of insurance on my account, because if we think about it it’s like a bank account. If I have 3k€ on my bank, my bank can’t simply close my account and keep the money. It’s basically a theft. I have been thinking about this for a while, but recently I have been watching the new Shaclone Videos series about Riot Games, and he made a point on this subject that made came here to share my thoughts. I do have the knowledge that Riot reserves the rights on accounts and have all the rights to take away our accounts but I do find that make the players account way too volatile. (Yes I read the TOU before came here talk about this) As a player of your game, and basically as an investor of your game (Yes! Buying skins it’s a way of supporting/investing on the game) I feel the need of get some protection or insurance in my account. I am taking for me but I am pretty sure that what I just said here it’s relatable. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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