Are smurfs getting punished?

So yesterday I was playing a casual ranked game and saw one of those guys that you wonder "is he smurfing?" but after a while you end up saying "oh you're DEFINITELY smurfing" My rank was Plat 3 and this guy was supposedly the same: The way he was playing was strange, never seen a jungler do these things, camping the bot lane so heavily and diving several times at lvl 3 with success. My team wasn't even doing that bad! He just literally carried on his own. Looking at his profile looks like he's playing Kayn all the time but still, I haven't seen any other Kayn mains stomp so heavily in this elo: Now my question is, even though it's technically not "toxic behaviour", it still disrupts your game experience as you're playing against someone of a much higher rank, and you're bound to lose the game anyways. I reported him as "cheating", even though he's probably not using any 3rd party software, but in a way he was "cheating" the system. Is this the right way to go? Are smurfs getting punished in this game? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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