What is your problem with Bronze players?

Today I met someone on the internet. He told me that he plays league so i decided to add him and play some games with him. Now what really confused me was his first question after he accepted my request. "Why do you wanna play with me im just bronze" I was pretty surprised about this question but ignored it more or less. So we then jumped into a normal game where we met a player that just straight up "disgusted" me. This was a player that used Lolnexus or some active games search site and saw that my friend was bronze. So what did he do? He blamed him for everything, called him "cancer bronze player", said that he has no right to play this game and that he should kill himself and uninstall this game. I mean wtf is this? He is bronze, so what? We were all level 1 once so who cares. After that game I just starred 30 minutes at my screen thinking about wtf just happend. Now i know that this was pretty random and that not every player is like that. But to everyone who hates Bronze players for whatever reason, take your time and think about why you hate them and you will reallize that there is no reason. The funny thing was that this guy who flamed my friend was silver so not much higher. I added him after the game and asked him why he said such disgusting things to my friend and he replied me: "because bronze players suck". That time i realized that there is no reason. Maybe they want to make themselves feel better by blaming "the weakest" or they are just douchebags. So I ask you. If you hate Bronze players, why?
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