Please explain this high-ping phenomena that plagues this game

So whats the deal with the players that we see so often, who spams their high ping the entire game? GenericName (Jayce): My ping is 450 ms GenericName (Jayce): My ping is 384 ms GenericName (Jayce): My ping is 444 ms Every 4 minutes of the game. Isnt ping mainly the distance/connectivity between your location and the LoL server and a little bit your up and download speed (but not that much as long as you have some kind of broadband connection)? My ping is ALWAYS 29 ms. It hasnt change a single time, not 27, not 30, its constant 29 ms, and it doenst matter if I download something at 90% of my total bandwidth. So Im just wondering; dont you know that you have a bad ping already before you decide to play a game of LoL? Why do so many players start a ranked game if they know they have a sh***y connection and then start crying about it? Or are the local internet servers so bad in some EUW-countries that you get a good ping the first game and a bad ping the second? I just dont get it; to me, this behavior is like coming to a football match with a broken foot and then complain that you're losing because you cant play with a broken foot....

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