No ganks to losing lane junglers

Hello! I'm a support main who was playing Soraka with a Vayne against Miss Fortune and Lux. This match we had a jungler who was very hostile towards us. So first off me and my adc gave first blood double kill to Lux and another double to Lux. Then Ekko and Vladimir ( my top and mid) died to their opponents Nasus and Kennen.We were all asking for a gank and he first ganked top and that's when things when south. He died to Nasus after Ekko giving dogy two kills then he complained ''too fed''. Later Vlad and I asked for a gank and this was our response: You're all dying no gank Seriously wtf is this? After that Nasus just kept snowballing on Ekko and reached to seven hundread stacks at thirty mins (one Q was enough to one shot my adc I saw him do it) Then along with his team Nasus destroyed every turret and won the game for his team And I'm asking you jungle mains out there: Is this just this guy or is the actual jungling mentality this? Gank winning lanes and leave losing ones to feed?
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