We lost now....cause you took Ashe

In the last seconds of champ select (and I was third pick so I picked way before that), someone says to me. why ashe (me: why not) we lost now cause you took ashe she is the worst adc Seriously, though, this is a normal game and even if it wasn't, why bring in your negativity... It's a perfect example of saying unnecessary things at wrong times, that do nothing to improve your chances of winning....I bet he/she thinks it's some kind of "teaching", they're "teaching me" that ashe is not a good pick. **EDIT:** in no way does this hurt my feels or makes me cry myself to sleep, nor do I think ashe is "the best"... I pick Ashe because she's a good *example* of an adc: some poke, no fancy schmancy niche abilities or super-powers, some engage and of course, utility. ...so I can learn the role, improve my farming and micro-mechanics and kiting of course Funny thing is, the same person told me jinx is the best adc, which is kind of stale because it changed with recent patches, as far as I know jinx has fallen off a bit in favor of other adcs.
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