Solution to AFK and FEEDER PROBLEM riot needs to follow

Hi so i came up with a simple solution to the AFK problem and kinda the feeder problem LONG POST BUT WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? RANKED GAMES- (this does not go for normals) 1- allow remakes if someome goes afk after 3 min mark but BEFORE the 6 min mark, alot of trolls wait till 3 min to go afk 1.5 AFK WILL HAVE LP REMOVED IF THEY GO AFK SO YOU CANT GET OUT OF A BAD GAME BY GOING AFK OFFENCES FOR GOING AFK DURING RANKED GAME TO GET OUT OF BAD GAME INCLUDE 1. 5 LP 2nd. 10 LP 3 30 LP 4 one rank down IF YOU GO AFK MULTIPLE TIMES IN A WEEK OFFENCES INCLUDE 2- 2nd offence 14 min queue time for afk 3 games in a row 3- 3 offence within a week 20 min wait 3 games 4- 4 offence within a week 3 day ban, after that one week ban into a perma ban 5- if person is disconnected for wifi problems, but come back within the first 5 min they will not recive penalty as it wasnt their fault 6-if person was afk first 5 min of game but comes back and plays for the rest of the game they will not recive penalty 7-afk must be afk for more than 5 min at a time, or full game to be punished OFFENCES ALSO STACK UP MORE THAN 5 WITHIN A MONTH WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT SO YOU CANT BE DOING IT ONCE EVERY WEEK FEEDING PROBLEM- RANKED GAMES more death than kills: im talking 0/8/0 in 10 min NOT 7/8/9 1 if you have alot more death than what you usally get in a game, depending on your elo/if you are auto filled/ your champ penalties you will have its hard to know when someone is intentionally feeding so it will be alot harder to tell 3 games - of alot more death than kills and assist, on a role you usally play, say 1/12/4 if you have at least half the death in kills or assist like 6/12/3 youll be fine (you will lose more LP/ gain less LP if you have done this 3 games within one week period) now if you feed non stop in a game, yet you take turrets down, take objectives, and are helping, we can assume you are having a bad game but feeding and not doing anything but dying and running around into a 1v4 fight knowing you will die will make you revive punishment 5 games of this within a week will result in a 7 day ban to a perma ban games will stack up per month too more than 10 of these within a month will result in a 3 day ban/ 7day depending on the severatie of the issue all feeding reports will have a layer to it FED BUT HELPED ONLY FED NO HELP if you get more votes in a game of fed but helped you will recive less punishment if you get 3 or more votes of only fed no help, you will be punished as harsh as possible depending on how many times you have offeneded, first time you wont get punished, second time either, 3rd time punishments will start, and you have to have more than double your death than kills to count as feeding aka 3/18/0 ANY SUGGESTIONS CAN BE ADDED IN COMMENTS {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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