Concentrate on playing itself, you triggered scum!

Toxicity is common in all video games, but it's a problem in LoL. In other games people just simply ignore it, why? Because it's stupid and no1 should really give two %%%%s about a raging kid. What if the game developers didn't make such a fuss about flaming in the first place? Like what the hell, once you introduce the idea that the flamer is violating the rules with serious consequences people lose their shit and games escalate to an extent where it's rare not to see games ending with people saying "Report X", "Ok only if you report Y" "Enjoy ban". To some degree I agree with the system; racial slurs etc. would be easily detectable and bannable, but something like "%%%%ing noob l2p" "trash" etc. is kid's talk only worth of ignoring. Tbh that bm triggers people which could potentially yield a beneficial outcome from upsetting the enemy. You sa competitive bm is alright, but I bet the above examples wouldn't fall into that category according to the rules. Like even Gangplank repeats "Scum" in his voice kit. Please stop enforcing these white knights that ruin the game by arguing over someone's obviously toxic behaviour. It's not kindergarten if you don't treat it as such.
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