A tool I use to stop myself being toxic and raging - It has definitely been super successful

As the years go by I keep finding myself getting more and more toxic in LoL. I reached a point where I accepted that I am toxic. I can't sit here in denial and say with honesty that I won't get angry while playing and type things I regret. Chat restrictions were awesome, not only did it stop me from negatively influencing other player's games, but for some bizarre reason, without the ability to reply I actually got **LESS** angry. I reached a point were I simply don't want to be the bad guy, I don't want to get angry and I want to protect myself and others from this anger. So I created a handy little tool which allows me to watch the chat, take part in the game, use pings, but **NOT** type to my team. I rely completely on pings now. **The program is really simple. It works like this;** 1. If you are currently in game and you press the Enter key to chat, the code simply presses enter again to close it. 2. The program exists in a little icon in your windows taskbar(Bottom Right). However, if the game is open then this icon is hidden. As soon as you close the main game(Not the client), the icon reappears and you can close it. 3. If the code is running and you attempt to open the Task Manager to kill it, the task manager will be automatically closed 4. After the game finishes the icon reappears, Task Manager can be used again and you simply right click the icon and click "Exit", or leave it on. I coded it in AutoIt, download AutoIt using the top link here https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit-script-editor/downloads/ **Instructions;** 1. Simply copy and paste the code below into the AutoIt editor(SCITE). Save the file somewhere, place a shortcut where you want it. 2. Right click the file and click "Run script", the icon will appear in the bottom right, it is blue with a little A in it. 3. That's it! Enjoy playing LoL and not being toxic to others and yourself. I've played a good few games with this already and it has made my experience and other player's experience much better. It is such a great feeling to take control of my own actions, previously it felt like someone put a button in front of me which said "Do Not Push If You Are Angry" and then proceeded to do everything to make me angry, the result will always be that you end up pushing that button at some point. **Here is the code:** pastebin.com/BnmJa2xM I hope this helps others! GL!
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