banned for toxic?

Game 1 Sυh Dυde: wtf kha? Sυh Dυde: react Sυh Dυde: get shit on Sυh Dυde: we cant win Sυh Dυde: are u %%%%%%ed? Sυh Dυde: bot/top reported Sυh Dυde: trolling/griefing Sυh Dυde: u cant call Sυh Dυde: 0/4 Sυh Dυde: for winning lane Sυh Dυde: (ff Sυh Dυde: bg report zed toxic Sυh Dυde: Toxic since champ select Sυh Dυde: said that my mom shud die in cancer etc Sυh Dυde: lol ye right Sυh Dυde: i got screenshots Sυh Dυde: ask veig Sυh Dυde: hahahahah Sυh Dυde: nice feed lol Sυh Dυde: gg report zed still flaming Havn't been banned for over 2 years(atleast what i can remember) and I "flamed" in one game, basically just answering to our troll premade botlane that played like zed/olaf or smthing, went 0/4 and flamed the crap outta me for not ganking them. It started in the champ select because i asked why he picked zed adc and he started flaming me. The only thing I'd say was toxic was when I asked him if he was %%%%%%ed, that wasnt the best idea i've had but i was quite frustrated. The "get shit on" thing was just banter between me and their nidalee. I've played since season 1 on and off and i gotta say, this is the dumbest thing i've ever come across in league. Doesnt really matter if the ban gets removed or not since this game is just getting worse and other games better. Thanks.
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