how riot how... (this makes me question if im even able to continue playing)

i will probably be banned soon because im getting reports every game i play when im playing karthus jgl. last game our ahri flamed me for going as karth jgl and amumu started trolling me from beginning saying: im feeeeeeeeeeeeed feeeeeeeeeed and he was following me around in my jgl and i got soooooo freaking furious at this kid that i flamed him and i said: fuck off to that amumu but come on he deserved that. he wouldnt leave and he would just spam his laughing emote and dance around me and leeching my exp for like 4-5 minutes we lost due to him ruining my early game and our ahri also played very bad but she was nice early but later she went to amumus side and flamed me for being bad and for trolling i have a screenshot of the amumu flaming me after the game ended take a look and guess for yourself and see who should really be banned me or him.
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