Punishment for toxic behaviour.

As I recently got banned for saying some bad things ingame (Justified ban), I've got some time to do other things than play league (jk playing on another account) so I thought I'd discuss this with the community. I got a 14 day ban for being "toxic" (Negative behaviour towards other players) and I feel like 14 days is way too much. I think it should be maximum a week since it's my first offense, and I've seen people say a lot of worse things without ever getting banned. And you don't even get a warning? Just straight up banned for 14 days, basically 1700 rp thrown away for me since I bought the Trials Pass the day before but now I wont be able to play. What I suggest is: a) A warning. Basically the same message you get when you do get banned, but without the suspension. b) A lower ban. 14 days is a long time, I can't play with my friends anymore since this is my only account over lvl30, and we primarly play ranked flex. 3 days I would've said was fair, or maybe something like leaverbuster punishment, you have to wait before getting into queue. Post your thoughts and opinions down below, and vote in the poll.
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