Got banned for 14 days AND it was deserved...but please: One Suggestion

Hi guys! :) First things first: I'm a real polite human being and I would never wish something bad to some other people. I'm really ambitious and that is the reason why - in every game I play ( like football too ) - I want to achieve the best possible result. I always try my best and I am fine if someone has a bad day ( like everyone has those days ). But in every teamgame there is sometimes something what makes human toxic or aggressive. You can also see this in professional sports and I think that this is just because of our nature. In League, there is a bigger problem with this, because other people are anonymous and you on your own are aswell. So for some reason - which the Internet is known for - saying stupid things is easier online than in reallife. And in League you don't feel that bad when you know you play horrible but you can just flame your teammates for your mistakes. It's nothing like "(I'll) do it better next time". I mean this happens,too. But often - after a losing streak - there is only a "ky*, you are a ***, I only lose because you suc*" for example. Anyways, I want to show you why I got banned for 14 days, after I got chat restricted for the same reason before: Completely aggressive people thinking they could behave like they want to. I can accept if someone is mad and flames a bit ( it's really bad too, but for me, I don't distract myself from this ), but I can't accept if someone exaggerate: Game 1 (You can see the game in my Match history if you want to. It was the second last game there. I don't want to defend my flame, but I also want to show you WHY i was so stupid in this moment to write those things) In-Game Urquharts: gj top Urquharts: start the game again Urquharts: shut ur pc down and come back brand (My Brand had high lags) Urquharts: dont fcking ping me (diana went 0/3 early and got camped by maokai and pings me without any reason. Shes chatting how much better Maokai is, while I tried to help top/bot in this time) Urquharts: or i run mid down (I would never run it down mid, it helps sometimes and toxic people will be quiet, but it is a bad strategy to threat my teammate) Urquharts: in my promo Urquharts: if u wanna say what i have to do Urquharts: i come top Urquharts: nah when shes starting to ping or talk again (too aatrox cause' he thought I would run it down immidiately) Urquharts: 1/4 (again diana said "jungle gap") Urquharts: jungle gap Urquharts: %%%%%% (=retar*) player (I don't like to mute people in this game, also when they are%%%%%%. Why? Because I still believe that you can comeback from a bad position, so I want to communicate and try to tell them what I plan. But sometimes, there are players who are so disrespectful to me and I just don't allow them to talk to me like they want to. Neither in reallife, nor in this game) Urquharts: 30 farm maokai Urquharts: if u greed so hard Urquharts: u see that maokai is camping u (Diana just didn't ward and tried to push hard while she knew that the only thing Maokai have done the whole laning phase was camping mid) Urquharts: why the fck u dont stay under tower Urquharts: aatrox u and diana (after aatrox - I tried to help - died in a 1vs1 again and he said "this game is over,lets concede") Urquharts: got mental problems Urquharts: saying thats (=the game is) over Urquharts: is %%%%%%(=retar*)^20000 Urquharts: diana is inting (now she started to run into their towers) Urquharts: thats for sure Urquharts: how stupid someone has to be (again unnecessary language) Urquharts: getting camped Urquharts: and still going that far in lane Urquharts: 35% wr with diana Urquharts: i see why Urquharts: well u gift him ganks midlane (after she said, maokai would be the reason why they win, even though he was behind in farm and objectives. This tilted me a lot) Urquharts: i wont (when they tried to ff 15) Urquharts: u have to wait :) Urquharts: u deserve it (too aatrox and diana) Urquharts: like u didnt care when u didnt stop pinging me? (diana: i dont care bout this game in all chat) Urquharts: maokai 1/4 , less farm , only could get syndra big cause u couldnt stay defensive Urquharts: and u talk bout jngl mistake Urquharts: noo,wasnt ur fault# Urquharts: ofc not Urquharts: i can see why Urquharts: yeah losing time thanks to u (diana: why you care bout this game anymore? It was over since you decided to stay afk (for her: afk -> not ganking mid)) Urquharts: (losing) lifetime,cause i care bout winning in this game Urquharts: ofc i do. i enjoy winning (diana: i int for fun now, you cant enjoy this game? are you addicted?) Urquharts: addicted xD Urquharts: didnt play since 2 weeks or like that except flex (and yeah, a bit of ranked but not that much) Urquharts: bg (it was a bad game...) So, you can see, that my behaviour deserved a ban. I am sad that I can't play for 14 days now, but I'm also fine with that when I think about what I have written. I don't want to ask you people if get unbanned or if this punishment was deserved or not (it was). I am (a bit, only a bit. mostly im tired, it's really late here right now) angry right now because of another aspect: The Penalty-System of Riot! I just can't understand why there are like 7-8 Buttons you can press on after the game to report a player, while only 1 1/2 of them are working: The one for flame and the half one for "inting". I mean don't misunderstand me: Riot is doing their best to improve the game in many ways, but since almost 10 years they just don't try to improve their Penalty-System. Even though a lot of people are writing "get canc**" or other insults, it's not for 100% sure that they get an instant punishment for it. For example: I could play one more game before I got banned and in this game, my Toplaner and my Midlaner offended each other with "f*k your mother" or similar. People like this will write down things like this way more often than one time. But will anything happen? Maybe yes. But way too late. Destroying games with being intentionally bad or staying afk is another thing which won't get punished most of the time. You literally have to be 0/20 to get a punishment. If you are just 0/8 and you go afk after you went 0/2 early and want to destroy the game of your teammates without any reason, the system can't do anything, while it could: Analysing how the player moved in the game and what he have done: Did he try to improve? Did he farmed while he died often? Did he moved on his lane or was he moving in his base? Another aspect people won't get punished often: Buying accounts or getting boosted: If someone plays in Gold and he "improves" to Diamond in 3-4 weeks you could say "wow congrats, he did pretty well." But then he is playing on his account again, he destroys the game of his teammates in this elo and he drops back to the elo he belongs to. Will something happen with him? Most of the time: No. How can I know this? One of my friends played in Master-Elo once when they surrended after a time and instead of playing, there was a big discussion about 2 people in this game which bought an account and they said that Riot won't do anything against it, so they don't care at all. And I can understand when people get toxic at this point. To be honest: Could Riot do anything against it? Of course they could (like checking the IP address on this account), if they just wanted to. But - and like I said I have huge respect for the work of Riot in most of the things they do - they just sleep and don't want to penalize those people. There are a lot of things in this direction I could tell you and there are a lot of players who would agree to this. And there could be a way that people would flame less in games if the REAL problems ( = the people of the communtiy who are the reason why this game has so much toxicity in it ) would be punished and not only the people who react poor to them (like me when I got tilted after Diana flamed so fast and Aatrox resigned that early) I think this game would be way better and the community would behave way better, if Riot would start to improve their Ban-System. For me, it is really important and I ask you: Why can't Riot penalize obvious misconduct? Sometimes it doesn't need to be 100% safety. Judges also can't always penalize with being for 100% sure in their decision, but they can anticipate. My final suggestion after all: If you really want to see a better gaming-experience, start to improve in this point, dear Riot-workers. Maybe someone of the team can explain, why they don't focus so much on this system? (Btw my english isn't the best, but I hope you still could understand most of the things I wrote). Thanks for reading... I said everything I wanted to say. Much luck in your games and: Stay polite ;)
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