If you feed, dont flame.

Hello everyone . I just now played a game where i didnt perform good , i failed hard and i dragged along the entire team. My team flamed me since the beggining of the game. At the middle of the game , my team started to flame each other constantly while i wasnt flaming or trying to enrage them even more. The point i want to make, is that , it is nice not to have people flaming when someone performs bad, but if YOU are the one to perform bad , even if the jungler or the support or your mid or your top is suuuuuuuuuper bad, and you have a bad game cus of them (example , j4 has double buff and comes top to feed your enemy , gives first blood and double buff --> you lose the lane)do not flame them back , cus 1) they are human beings and they make mistakes, 2) if you lose your lane for a stupid teammate , do not flame him , neither will it make him better, nor will it give him gold 3) if you have a bad game for some reason , the jungler is not the one who you should direct your anger , cus you are a human too , and the entire universe did not conspire against you to make you 0-4-0 in minute 8. shitt happens,you missclick , enemy is better(yeah believe it or not you are not the best player in league of legends , and you can improve by playing with better opponents) 4) in other words, do not flame for any reason. having a bad game or a bad teammate is not a reason for you to flame others. i am a human , you are a human and all players in league of legends are human beings. 5) before you mute the flamer, try talking some sense into him and tell him that no matter how much he flames you or any of your teammates, it will absolutely not help, it wont make you better player, no god will save the game, it wont give him lp and it wont win the game. 6) if you flame when YOU feed, they will just consider you another random retard in the field and they will just flame you back , for the simplest of the reasons , that they have lived it again , and no point in trying to win , so they will do what {{champion:63}} does best , because flaming makes them feel better. bonus tip for not flaming : if you are having issues holding back your anger, relive it by doing some pushups / situps per stupid flamer person in your team. it will often lead to 40 pushups / 40 situps per game, but you will be able to punch harder after every game
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