Riot and their retarded matching system

So my account got banned today, and I uninstalled the game. But here is something that I am sure all bronze players agree on that riot and their retarded matching system should look at. There are some people in this world that are beyond mentally ill, I believe that these people are all in bronze, mixed with people like me who have been suffering for years to get out of this retardation hell. For those who have never been in bronze, please don't continue since you have no clue what I will be talking about. 1-They allow idiots who intentionally feed to play in ranked. 2-They allow idiots who literally practice playing new characters play in ranked. 3-They allow idiots who take jungler roles and sit in the jungle for more than 20mins without a single gank in ranked. And you don't only get 1 of those assholes per game, if you got less than 3 of them, you are considered the luckiest person in the world. Who gets punished and banned for that? People who play for hours, weeks and years with these assholes and react with a normal reaction of anger. My friends who have never been in bronze didn't believe me in the beginning, until I invited 2 of them who are gold and I let them play with my account while I was watching with a big smile on my face. Both of them couldn't win a single match, why? Simple, because the amount of retardation of 90% of bronze players is unbeatable. This season I won 8-2 in placement games and I got bronze 5, now you tell me what methods are they using to calculate people's placements? Riot, the main reason behind this, could do a research and see the number of people who are escalating in ranks and see the number of people who are being able to get out of bronze compared to others. But they actually want that to happen. People who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars get banned, for them hoping that these people will come back with a different account to spend more money, Another proof that Riot is enjoying this is that they don't mind clueless idiots to play in ranked to feed and screw other peoples' games is the fact that before this season you could report someone for having no skills "even though they tell you it doesn't matter" and this season, you can't even do that anymore. Go to youtube and check "Bronze Forever" videos that I made the past season and you will understand what I am ranting about. Anyway, the timing couldn't have been better to quit this shit since The Division is coming out.

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