You get reported every game.

I like how their 'you lose to 0 Honor and work your way up over 6 months!' system is so broken, that even if you say nothing, and just play normally, in the past two games I've played since going down, it's immediately filled with people "REEEE"ing and spamming "REPORTED FOR BAD, REPORTED AFK /ALL ALL REPORT TOXIC THEY TOXIC TO ME!!!" (when nothing is said even said, just by them) That's why Honor is impossible / takes a year of constant playing to get back. Because even if you suddenly (which is impossible) became 'Mr. Amazing Nice', you still get reported for everything under the sun. Still goes against you. Still adds to a tally. Won't 'affect' you until you say one things like "What", then BOOM all those previous reports hit you, punished, repeat, stupid system. Proven.
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