why is there more trolls in ranked than before????

once again a new start to the season and yet here we are losing two games today because of throwers and inters, a xayah that run around and done what she wanted while leaving a support alone in bottom lane, a nocturne jungler no drakes 21 mins in, no ganks runs away from team fights and sits in bushes and watches the entire team die then teleports back. Another jungler kha who again no drakes no ganks and watch darius in the top lane get ganked three times while again he sat there in the bush and watched. I mean seriously how the hell am i supposed to climb in this stupid game i even love neeko i can own my lane and yet when there are 3 morons on your team doing what they like and letting the enemy takes the turrets means a lot to try and climb its not even started yet havent even finished my placements and i already want to give up because riot would rather ban people for pulling them up on it in chat that actually fix the damn issue this community has. Its pathetic and its about time riot started doing something about the trolls or making a system to recognise it or actually pay a team to do the tribunal as you are getting more than enough money for all those skins and champs you have planned huh. How about sort your ranked system out its a joke.
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