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Hello guys i just wanted to see your opinion on my perma banned account (this are the messages i send to riot adn theres send to me ) NikolaN Friday at 02:43 Hello RIOT, recently my account has been permanently banned because in some form i was ,,flaming" other players and that led to chat banns,14 days suspension and finally to a perma ban.I do agree i wasnt communicating with my teammates as i should with respect but i never sad anything offensive that was meant for there private life (like saying curses for there parents, familys other people sad to me ).Usualy for many people the flaming starts over one error in ganks ,team fights ....those things dont make me offend others ,but when when they start to flame me and some of them go way across the line and start cursing my parents and my life i answer them ( maybe in some cases i my self went across the line with those answers).I realy fell in love with the fantasy,action,adrenaline passing through veins,tactic game created by you guys and i spend a lot of time playing it and getting better at my skill with the champions and climbing the latter.Whit that much happiness one game made me feel i started buying skins and then the game was even better.then before(i rly like how you guys catch the theme behind the caracters with you skins ).I spend a lot of money on them and it all was worth it.Over the years i was better and better but the 14 day suspension and a perma ban made me so unhappy😟 and horrible because i couldnt play the game that i love so much it made me undestand also how much money went down the sink.So i ask you with all respect for the game you created and to you guys as a compony can you unban my account.I would be realy tankfull if you unbanned my account and i would also understand if you let my account with some bad behavior stuff such as chat ban(perma maybe) or something like that. Ty for viewing this and i hope I get an answer as soon as possible from you guys!!! Stefy Is Back Friday at 20:14 Hello Summoner, Stefy Is Back - Player Support Specialist at your service I'm really sorry for your situation and to bring bad news to your attention, however our main goal is to treat every player in the same way, I hope that you can understand that removing your suspension wouldn't be fair to all of the other player that are permanently banned for the same reason. I know that it might be painful to you, but you might have hurt the other players in the game that triggered your suspension, and we cannot tolerate that kind of behavior. I'm really sorry but we have really strict policies regarding this kind of situations. Our decision is final and we wont' change it. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Stefy Is Back, Player Support Specialist "Fired up and ready to serve." NikolaN Friday at 20:55 So basicly i cant do enything to get my account back (some sort of redemption )and all of the money i used to get the skins are gone.Well this is sad so i guess after this i will quite league .I cant deal with creating a new account and having to get it on the same lvl as this one was .I started the new account on euw (Jinok) and i got the lvl 3 honor but the ip needed to get the stuff that i once had and the skins i played with also made me realise how this will take a long time to do. I could have spend that time climbing but i will spend it in getting the champions and runes i once had .I guess thats it . Screenshot_1.png (2 MB) Stefy Is Back Friday at 21:22 Hello again Summoner, I'm really sorry for your decision, however I can assure you that you were equally treated, as our focus is to treat every player in the same way, regardless of the amount of money that they have spent in the game. I hope that you can understand. Best regards, Stefy Is Back, Player Support Specialist "Fired up and ready to serve." NikolaN Sunday at 17:07 Can you at least do something about that money i spend like transfer it to my new account in rp or at the least give me some of the portion of money i spend(i had skins like elementalist lux,starguardian jinx ,slayer jinx,mafia jinx ,battlecast velkoz, blackthorn morgana arcade ahri ,chalenger ahri,program lissandra ,gravelord azir ,dragonslayer pantheon ,atlantean syndra ,sweethart oriana ) NikolaN Sunday at 17:08 Hello again Summoner, Suspensions do not come easily for the average user. A significant number of in-game reports is required for an user to receive a warning, so for the account to have been suspended, it is clear that you’ve decided to neglect the opportunity to improve your behavior. Because we warn players well in advance of a permanent suspension that they must change their behavior, we do not refund transactions made on a permanently suspended account. You can find the full policy at our Terms of Use on the website: Thank you for your attention. Stefy Is Back, Player Support Specialist "Fired up and ready to serve."
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