Autofill troll confess.

So guys where is mmr which makes our teams right?. Today i was autofilled into support and i picked poppy (most of the time i would ask to swap or write: "top or feed" and most of the time i dont pick meta support( i didn't troll pick just becouse i wanted to see how is playing our TOP who claims maining illaoi)). Well you will think now about something like: this bastard troll, give him perma ban.But after this game i know how to stop people from trolling. So long game short i main illaoi on Top i win a lot with her, but on this game illaoi was boosted by riot into silver 4 with 4W and 12L and she had ignite and dorans blade and ofcorse shit masteries (and they were not even completed), please dont even ask me about runes. So thats okey noobs happens we have to carry him thats okey. My adc gets cought by every leona W dont trade or loose trades ending dead, mid was okey but stand no chance to carry and ofcorse i cant carry from support ( at one point i was 3/1). Illaoi at some point was 3/1 too so i was thinking: hm maybe he can carry somehow?- Ofcorse he cant start dieing he killed sion serval times but sion had 80 cs and illaoi had 40 so he wasn't behind at all. He got enough tanky and we lost, with no hope at all. Conclusion would be that: i failled to carry thats why i lost. But why i was the best player on my team in worst posible role i can be? Where is justice in this %%%%%%ed match making? So i dosent see myself in a future playing support i will try to get other role or i pick troll champ. And my offer is dont let autofill support to be best player in the team so i wont need to troll ty. Sorry for broken english.
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