This is so unfair

Hey guys, I want to share this story with you, I don't know what else to do, now I'm on tilt. I started my promos for B3, but I was unlucky. I was Ezreal ADC, but, one teammate went AFK, and others were feeding. I failed that promo. Next (ranked) game, I played Zed mid lane, and again, enemy bot and top were fed, only I finished laning phase with good score, others including jungler were feeding. Third game I played was about 5 minutes ago. I played Ezreal again. First, after only 2 minutes, before minions even came in lane, Annie, my supp, went AFK. I didn't surrendered yet. But everything went down when for some reason Ekko who was mid started feeding everybody because our jungler took blue buff, on purpose. Because of that, he died 8 times, just to make shure that we will lose game, and then He reported Vi... This is so unfair. I know that it's very hard to find and punish those guys, but feeding in Ranked game because of one blue buff is crazy. He lost too, because he deserved it, but why I deserved 3 games in a row with 2 afk, and one troll? If all this happened in normal, I wouldn't be mad, but it was RANKED!!!! What should I do. Losing 3 games in a row is bad enough, but I'm afraid of loosing more, and if I start any, I'm afraid of be in the game where I have no chance of wining it (either of AFK teammates, or players who crying because of blue buff)

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