That one time i got banned was really dumb...

Hey i wanna share smt funny that i remember. I played since s3... and i would like to say that i have been a friendly player who never trolled/ragequit/hardflamed* (i know i have been passive aggressive some years ago tho...but not anymore). Therefore i have never got any chat restrict/warnings and im really proud of it! But... i did get banned once. xd I got banned the 2nd day after creating my first acct in league. Because I went afk and left several games... Thinking back it was really dumb... league is the first of its kind of game i e played. I was not familiar with these games before and i thought it was just fine to close the game even if i was in a middle of the match. Maybe i had to go eat, maybe i got bored... maybe any reason that was calling for me. It is just an online game, the players sure will be understanding if i had to leave! It is np! :D But ye that 2nd day ban was very surprising... and i had no access to my acct for 24h. Thinking back... aah. One does not simply take league games lightly :3
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